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Chef Uniforms In India

Chef Uniforms

Our Chef Uniforms are Light , Comfortable & Functional. our Chef Uniforms comes in multiple color options , modeled structured collors & cuffs , Reversible finish , Left chest pocket , thermometer pocket and in all modern & traditional designs . We are proud to offer a wide range of chef uniforms to match your requirement . We Include double breasted Chef coat, Chef Shirt, Chef trouser, Chef hat, Chef apron, Chef scarf & Safety Shoe . Comfort Uniforms is the only company that can sew Custom (Tailor Fitting) & Ready-made size with personalized name branding . We Offer Wide Range Of Ready Stock Chef Uniforms.

Chef Coat

The Vintage or Traditional chef coat is made of 100% pure cotton . It Comes in double breasted reversible front with a thermometer pocket on sleeves . Traditionally it come in pure white or half white . our chef coats are made to make u feel comfortable & functional. We Offer Custom Name & Logo Branding with best in class 24 headed computerized embroidery machine.

Chef Shirts

For Fast Kitchens, We offer affordable, light weighted & Comfortable kitchen shirts. Which Makes your kitchen staff feel more finer than a traditional chef coat . count on us for styles , colours , patterns & designs . We maintain a ready stock of kitchen shirts in all ready-made size’s. Stay cool in the kitchen all day & work with comfort.
Chef Aprons

Chef Aprons

Hygiene & proficient look by our chef aprons will keep ur staff looking great even in busy shifts we offer wide variety of chef aprons in different styles,colors & patterns with a goal of making chef feel comfortable & relaxed. Our Chef Aprons are made with durable poly/cotton fabric and designed for a contoured, comfortable fit. Pre-tested for durability and strength
Chef Scarfs Chef Kerchiefs

Chef Scarfs

Our Chef Scarfs & Chef kerchief come in different styles, colors & sizes enabling kitchens to classify the chefs. White means apprentice, grey or green are journeymen,blue are chefs de cuisine and executive chefs, black is Master Chef, and black with silver lining are Grand Master Chefs. We offer ready stock of chef scarfs & Chef Kerchiefs.
Chef Dusters Wipes

Chef Dusters

Our Chef Dusters are suitable for cleaning & polishing any applications. Our Chef Duster come with different colours & sizes along with traditional yellow dusters. all our chef dusters are made of 100% Cotton.Duster are a invaluable tool for getting in the hardest to reach areas of your commercial kitchens. Eliminate Dust in your kitchen with the Right Tool

Modern Chef Coat

We are happy to provide a widest range of Modern Chef Coats. Our Fashion Designing Team always ready to add touch of fashion without compromising comfort & functionality of a chef coat. You can choose from our mishmash fashion chef coats for men & woman. You can abscond the boring traditional chef coat with the latest .
Chef Pants Chef Trousers

Chef Pants

All our chef pants come with double stitching & premium quality fabrics. Designed & manufactured according to the comfort & functionality of chef. Our chef trousers are manufactured using 100% cotton twill or a cotton poly blend .Our Chef Trousers keeps you more comfortable day long and makes your kitchen look more hygiene
Chef Caps Chef Hats

Chef Cap & Chef Hats

We Offer Wide variety of Chef Caps which include traditional Toque Blanche, Chef Beret, Paper Disposable Chef Hat,Pleated Executive Chef, Skull Cap, mesh toque blanche, Head Wrap & many more. The shape of chefs hat indicates their experience as well as culture. Our Chef hats are available in different styles, heights, sizes, shapes, and colors
Chef Shoe Safety shoe

Chef Shoes

Chefs & Cooks are on their feet most of the time. Our Chef Safety Shoes comes with rust free metal fingers protector to cater Hot liquids, grease, sharp tools,heavy objects & dangerous work environments.Our Chef Shoe are easy to maintain with simple wipe cleaning. We recommend the use of leather cleaner and conditioner to ensure their longevity.
Chef Knife Kit

Chef Knife Kit

Comfort Uniforms offers culinary student with the perfect set of Chef Knife's. Reach us to Pick up your Culinary School Student Set from the professionals at the best prices.We Include Messermeister, Kasumi, Kyocera, Damascus, Japanese Knives, Shun, Tamahagane, Chroma, Steak Knives & Many More