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Corporate Uniforms

Corporate Uniforms

Comfort Uniforms is a full service provider of Corporate apparel and promotional items. We are the pioneer brand in field of uniforms industry we oversee and ensure the process and the quality. Reinforce your brand image and positively impact your team’s enthusiasm and productivity by creating a unique uniform program that is on-trend and functional. We’ve created the most distinctive Corporate Uniform and innovative designs to fit your industry and budget. With talented Fashion designers and the latest apparel technology, we’re proud to be your source for corporate uniforms and merchandise.Form and function combine ef fortlessly in Comfort Uniforms everyday professional attire.Each year, our expert designers track global fashion trends to produce a range of uniform apparel that reflects the essential elements of contemporary style.Respectful of all shapes and sizes, our collection ensures that there’s a flattering choice for everyone.

Corporate Blazers

The Corporate blazer is an exemplary piece of Corporate Clothing, and precisely for this very reason. The Corporate blazer is the central piece of any Corporate Office We Offer Widest Range Of Corporate Blazers . Our Corporate blazers are manufactured using the finest quality fabrics. we include 2 button Blazers, 3 Button Blazers, 6 Button Blazers, ladies blazers, jodhpuri styled blazers to match your unique identity.

Corporate Shirts

Comfort Uniforms Offers immense range of corporate shirts. We Offer a wide variety of designs, patterns, colors, fabrics, sizes and all so full customization according to clientele requirement. Comfort Uniforms Deal with all leading fabric mills. such has Valji, Kriplon, Carolon, Raymonds, Arvinds, Mafatlal, Siyram, Vimal, Vardhman and many more leading mills of india. our enthusiast fashion designers will go an a extra mile for creating ur identity

Corporate Waist Coats

Waistcoats are the splendid final touch to add that extra element of refinement to your Corporate Uniform. Available in mens and womens ranges in corresponding colours to the suits and jackets on offer, we feel this is the perfect fitiing for your corporate clothing needs. Our range is continually growing to facilitate both budgets and tastes to ensure that we always offer the perfect solution to your Corporate Clothing needs.
Corporate Uniforms Corporate T Shirts

Corporate T Shirts

We Supply Premium Quality Corporate T-Shirts. We Include Wide Variety of colors, patterns, designs, Styles, Combinations According to clientele requirement.Our T-shirts are Available in 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton Blends, Polyester. We Offer Corporate T-Shirts, Corporate Polo Shirts Sweatshirts, Hoodies and more.. With Customized Computer Embroidery, Rubber Printing & Heat Transfer Printing
Corporate Uniforms Corporate Skirts & Trousers

Corporate Skirts & Trousers

We Offer wide range of skirts & trousers. using the finest quality fabrics of all leading mills .We Include Panel Skirts, Pocket Skirt, Longline Straight Skirt, Box Pleat Skirt, Fluted Skirt , all types of trousers & bottoms. We use suiting of all leading mills such as Raymonds, Siyarams, Digjams, Vimal, Valji, and many more. Count on us for the latest Styles, Designs & Patterns.
Corporate Uniforms Corporate Sarees

Corporate Sarees

Corporate sarees are light, breezy, fabrics with looks and appeal. The Indian office wear saree gives comfort, maintains shape and appearance all day. Fancy, exclusive fabrics with latest designer patterns and abstract modern prints with exquisite embellishments are trending office sarees. Office sarees serve for daily use at schools, colleges, small offices and large corporate offices too.
Corporate Uniforms Corporate Blazers & Blouses

Ladies Blazers & Blouses

Refresh Your Work Wardrobe with our all new ladies Blazers, Jackets & Blouses. Our lineup of sleek blazers offers you classic tailoring with modern twists that instantly update your workweek look. And with a variety of figure-flattering cuts and colors, looking put-together has never been easier. blazers are the perfect way to pretty up your downtime.
Corporate Uniforms Corporate Ties & Bows

Corporate Accessories

Rejuvenate, Renovate & Revive With Our Corporate Acessories. Crafted By The finest craftsmen.unique tie which effortlessly reflects your company brand and values.Our Fashion designers can refresh your company colours or match your current design precisely, crafted on 100% silk or polyester. to create an unparalleled reputation with your staff or wish to honour service and integral members of the team with an iconic and classic gift